Rick Fraser, the Alberta Party Caucus Energy Critic, today released the following statement in reaction to the Notley NDP government announcement about inviting expressions of interest in developing a new Alberta refinery:

“The Notley NDP government continues to gamble away the future of our province with delay tactics like today’s announcement. The time to make bold decisions is now. The Alberta Party Caucus strongly supports the phases 2 and 3 expansions of the North West Refinery. Approvals are already in place and they are ready to start construction.

“For months now the Notley NDP have been waffling and indecisive, refusing to commit their support for the upgrader, and saying they want to see final costs for the first phase before considering expansion. Yet, earlier this year, the Premier announced a new $1 billion program to support partial upgraders. How is all this indecision in the best interests of Alberta?

“If the Notley NDP were serious about investing in Alberta and expanding our oil refining capability, they would have already moved on the North West Refinery, instead of sending mixed signals that create uncertainty. But that goes against their desire to move away from oil and gas. How come they’re now stalling with a call for expressions of interest? The timing is interesting. Are they trying to placate their federal NDP masters? Otherwise, why would they be waiting so long to receive expressions of interest?

“The Alberta Party Caucus calls on the Notley NDP government to throw the full weight of its support behind this already-approved project, rather than dithering and starting all over again, putting Alberta years further behind.”

Read The Full Statement Here.