When I’m out on to doors or meeting with residents of Calgary-South East, people are asking me what the Alberta Party would do to get pipelines built and get our energy exports to new markets.

Earlier today, Stephen Mandel and the Alberta Party released our “Holistic Approach To The Pipelein Crisis”. You can use the following link to see the whole plan or read some of the highlights below.


We were the first political party to call for a mandated curtailment of oil production to help reduce the impact of the oil differential back in November; – plan that has shown in the short term to have a positive impact for Alberta’s resource owners: taxpayers.

We’ve proposed to protect Canadian energy producers by instituting a $2 surtax every barrel of foreign imported oil from countries that aren’t certified to meet the same environmental, human rights, and labour standards as Canadian oil – with funds generated dedicated towards purchase of oil tankers as a mid-term solution to getting market access.

We have proposed proceeding with Phase 2 and 3 of the North West Refinery project which will create over 8,000 skilled trades jobs, and have a faster turnaround to production being online than Premier Notley’s suggestion to build a new refinery – adding value and a higher return on investment on product that does make it to market through existing infrastructure.