A few months ago I asked constituents and community partners to send endorsements, if they are happy with the job I have done in the last seven years as MLA for Calgary-South East. Today I received this one. I am so humbled to read it, and this is exactly who I strive to be, and what I try to do for every person in #yycse.

I first met Rick Fraser about six years ago.
Fed up and frustrated by the lack of schools in our SE communities, we made an appointment with The MLA to discuss what can be done. Honestly, I expected a typical politician; one that met with constituents and try to placate their suggestions, instead, we found a sincere father who also wanted schools in our communities. He mirrored our thoughts and even voiced many times that having schools within each community, the ability to walk to school, having an anchor in a community would improve the very quality of life for everyone. He was right.

We walked away from that meeting feeling like we were heard. I thought that would be the end of it. I was wrong. Rick continued to advocate for schools in our community , he invited us to many meetings over the course of a few months, went so far as to invite us to a rare meeting with the Minster of Education, in which we got to voice our concerns and be heard.

Today, we do have schools in our community and we are on the list to receive more.

What’s more is that he continues to advocate for other important issues like health care, the economy, human and animal rights, the list goes on.

Rick has successfully proven that he is committed to his Wards. He shows up! that’s the most important thing. Perhaps one of the best things about him is that he is all inclusive which means he attends any and all events that he is invited to from the community cake sales, kids craft events, religious services, community association meetings- you will see him there! Never I have met a more friendly, honest and reliable guy as he. How lucky and thankful we are to have Rick as our MLA.

-~SE Constituent and a proud supporter of Rick Fraser

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