The Child First Plan

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 | Alberta Party, In The News, Platform, Policy, Press Release

On Wednesday, Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel announced that an Alberta Party government will pursue the most ambitious plan for early learning and child care in the history of Alberta. Full details and press release are located at the link below, but you will also find key points right here:

  • Our Children First plan applies to all licensed child care spaces in the province. There are over 260,000 Albertan children and more than 100,000 Albertan families to whom our program would apply.
  • Vouchers will provide a subsidy — on a sliding scale depending on family income — of up to 100 per cent of child-care costs.
  • The voucher will “follow the child”, putting decision-making in the hands of families rather than the government.
  • The voucher can be used at any licensed child care and will provide a subsidy of up to 100% of the costs of a child care cost.
  • A new investment credit will be established to encourage employers to create licensed child care spaces for children of employees.
  • Parents attending post-secondary education and those earning minimum wage will receive a 100% subsidy of their child care costs.
  • A comprehensive review of Alberta’s child care legislation will be undertaken, with a view to making it easier to create more licensed, safe, affordable, high-quality child care spaces.

More Details on Global TV

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Alberta Party corrects the record

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 | Alberta Party, Featured, In The News, News, Press Release

Earlier today, our Alberta Party caucus released a statement pushing back on claims arising from last year’s caucus shadow budget. Below are some quotes from our release:

“’I want to be clear: front-line services in education and health care are absolutely a key priority for us,’ said Fraser. ‘We have been accused of cutting services, but nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, we are committing to containing the rate of spending increases to a more sustainable level.’

MLA Fraser stressed that, while last year’s Alberta Party caucus shadow budget proposed increased funding for health and education, a lower rate of increase could be achieved by managing attrition and the creation of new positions within AHS.

He also noted that the AUPE did not reach out to the Alberta Party caucus for any comment, before posting its inaccurate claims.

An organization like the AUPE – that represents thousands of hard-working Albertans – should do its due diligence before accepting the government’s claims at face value. Their members deserve to have the facts.'”

You can read the full press release at this link.

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Our Approach To Pipelines

Thursday, January 17th, 2019 | Alberta Party, In The News, News, Press Release

When I’m out on to doors or meeting with residents of Calgary-South East, people are asking me what the Alberta Party would do to get pipelines built and get our energy exports to new markets.

Earlier today, Stephen Mandel and the Alberta Party released our “Holistic Approach To The Pipelein Crisis”. You can use the following link to see the whole plan or read some of the highlights below.

We were the first political party to call for a mandated curtailment of oil production to help reduce the impact of the oil differential back in November; – plan that has shown in the short term to have a positive impact for Alberta’s resource owners: taxpayers.

We’ve proposed to protect Canadian energy producers by instituting a $2 surtax every barrel of foreign imported oil from countries that aren’t certified to meet the same environmental, human rights, and labour standards as Canadian oil – with funds generated dedicated towards purchase of oil tankers as a mid-term solution to getting market access.

We have proposed proceeding with Phase 2 and 3 of the North West Refinery project which will create over 8,000 skilled trades jobs, and have a faster turnaround to production being online than Premier Notley’s suggestion to build a new refinery – adding value and a higher return on investment on product that does make it to market through existing infrastructure.

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