As the representative for Calgary-South East since 2012, Rick has been a committed and passionate voice for residents in the Alberta Legislature.
Here are some of the endorsements that Rick has received from the local residents of Calgary-South East.

I’m happy to recommend Rick Fraser for re-election as MLA in Calgary South East. I first met Rick eight years ago when he was running for MLA and I wanted to hear his plan to advance the need for schools in our communities. He has been a fierce advocate for and supporter of our school in Copperfield as well as the surrounding neighbourhoods. He has a very natural way of connecting with anyone which has afforded him opportunities to sit and advocate on our behalf, regardless of the political stripe. I appreciate his honesty, integrity and hard work. I also respect his stand in support of GSAs in schools and LGBTQ students and the reasonable approach he brings to issues. Rick’s well-known commitment to accountability in government will promote an atmosphere of openness and collaboration. I wish Rick all the best in his bid for re-election.
-Joylynn Matheson

Rick Fraser has been my MLA for several years and I was honoured to be part of his Alberta Party leadership campaign earlier this year. In getting to know Rick as a person, not just an MLA, I was struck by how authentic, honourable, ethical and hardworking he is. These are all things I want in my elected representatives. I find him to be an extremely strong and passionate advocate for his constituents. He is not afraid to voice an unpopular opinion if he feels it is the right thing to do. He’s the guy I’d want coaching my kids; checking my vitals at an accident scene; or standing up for me in the legislature. I’ll be campaigning for and supporting Rick in the next election as he is absolutely the best person to bring reasonable, thoughtful, concerned, and knowledgeable discourse to what can be a divisive and thankless forum. #goRickgo
– Dawn McKay

I have know Rick for years, and seen him in action at the Legislature and in the community. He wants to ensure you and your family succeed, have what you need to be prosperous, and get it with reasonable taxes and no burden on your children.
– Doug Griffiths Former Minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs

I first met Rick Fraser about six years ago.

Fed up and frustrated by the lack of schools in our SE communities, we made an appointment with The MLA to discuss what can be done. Honestly, I expected a typical politician; one that met with constituents and try to placate their suggestions, instead, we found a sincere father who also wanted schools in our communities. He mirrored our thoughts and even voiced many times that having schools within each community, the ability to walk to school, having an anchor in a community would improve the very quality of life for everyone. He was right.

We walked away from that meeting feeling like we were heard. I thought that would be the end of it. I was wrong. Rick continued to advocate for schools in our community , he invited us to many meetings over the course of a few months, went so far as to invite us to a rare meeting with the Minster of Education, in which we got to voice our concerns and be heard.

Today, we do have schools in our community and we are on the list to receive more.

What’s more is that he continues to advocate for other important issues like health care, the economy, human and animal rights, the list goes on.
Rick has successfully proven that he is committed to his Wards. He shows up! that’s the most important thing. Perhaps one of the best things about him is that he is all inclusive which means he attends any and all events that he is invited to from the community cake sales, kids craft events, religious services, community association meetings- you will see him there! Never I have met a more friendly, honest and reliable guy as he. How lucky and thankful we are to have Rick as our MLA.

SE Constituent and a proud supporter of Rick Fraser. ~Auburn Bay Resident

Rick has been my MLA since I moved into Mahogany 3 years ago. I have never met a more engaged politician. Not only does Rick show up for community events and visit my children’s schools, he visits with constituents at their homes and is always advocating for the needs of my community. It is clear that he genuinely cares about the people he represents and will work tirelessly to serve them. I will always vote for Rick for these reasons, but its an added bonus that he is now a part of the Alberta Party which more closely represents my values.
– Mark Scantlebury

Over the years, I have come to know Rick Fraser, I know him to be committed to representing the communities he serves. Rick is ever present in these communities whether it is a community association meeting, a school event or by arranging a meeting to bring community together to discuss potential legislation or needs that affects his constituents.

He has been instrumental in advancing education issues and advocating for and succeeding for new school builds in south east Calgary. Always accessible and generous with his time to understand the needs of those he serves.

I have, as an individual, no reservation in stating that Rick will continue to serve his constituents with the same commitment, generosity and values that he has consistently shown over the years.

-Cathie Williams – CCSD Trustee Ward 11 and 12

MLA Rick Fraser is there for his constituents and his community. I recently encountered troubling issue regarding my son and our local school. Rick personally took the time out of his busy schedule to contact me directly and listen to my concerns. He listened without judgement, gave me the reassurance I needed, then personally pursued the matter with all parties until all was resolved. He displayed true compassion, empathy, as well as a very valuable trait….that he really does care about his community.
– Carolyn B.

Rick was instrumental in helping us to get desperately needed new schools here in Calgary South East. He was able to effectively bring community members and politicians together to work toward a common goal. The result was 16 new schools built in Calgary South East within the last 6 years. That means that hundreds of students are now able to walk or take their bikes to school instead of riding a bus to another part of Calgary. For my family, that means everything.
– Amber Stewart – CBE School Trustee for Ward 12/14

I just wanted to say how impressed I am at the job you do as an MLA. I wish I still lived in your riding so my vote could go your way in the coming election. It’s so refreshing to see a politician represent his constituents before his party lines. Thank you and keep up the amazing work! (mind you the Alberta Party seems to be more about people and less about party anyways and I love that!!!)
– Sarah P