Sustaining Responsible Conversation:

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We need to start a responsible and sustainable conversation understanding that in order for Alberta to prosper we must set our priorities. Jobs and the economy are of upmost importance but in order to have a thriving economy we must invest in Albertans. That means we must invest in education and healthcare of all forms. Without healthy, educated Albertans we can’t expect to have a healthy, diverse economy that serves Albertans well into the future.

Future Albertans will learn, grow and thrive based on the stability of these pillars.

As a party, our approach is progressive and fiscally responsible. We have learned from the mistakes of past challenges and past governments. Now, we must start discussing ways to grow our economy from the foundation through to the top; these ways must be reflective of all Albertans to create real and lasting change.

We need to create policies that go beyond politics and that are built to outlast the political party that enacted them. We need to build solutions for Albertans, not solutions for political parties. (For Albertans, by Albertans.)

For a long time, not only during the tenure of the NDP, or of the PC, policies have been created to benefit the present political agenda of the party and of the time – we need to have policies that help Albertans in the present and that will help future generations of Albertans to come. We need to set Alberta children, educators and families up for success by fostering an education system that’s able to address mental health from the early stages.

It is time that we became preventive through careful planning and stop being so reactionary by only maintaining policies on political cycle.

  1. Alberta needs strong, supported and effective education and educators. 
  2. Alberta needs a prepared and dynamic healthcare system and healthcare practitioners that have the tools and resources to support those that need care when they need care.
  3. Alberta needs inclusive mental health education in early childhood curriculum and supports for struggling and burdened educators, students and families. 
  4. Alberta needs a diverse and versatile economy that is able to support the growing Alberta work force with full-time employment – not only in oil and gas, but also across a variation of sectors.

These are things that we should be thinking about; these are the things that we should be prioritizing – not continuing the divisive political agendas of the past.

Let’s help communities and families by carving out pathways from childhood through to adulthood to help our build our future leaders, our future change makers, our future parents, our future educators – our future Albertans. 

If you have ideas, if you have a voice – Let’s have a conversation. 

A. Education:

All Albertans deserve the opportunity to succeed. Our government will aspire to deliver excellent and innovative public education, public health care and infrastructure.

  • Investing in our children bring returns far beyond hope; they will soon create our future.
  • We see Alberta’s long-term prosperity rooted in the quality of the education we provide our children today.
  • With Alberta’s young demographic it’s imperative that we plan, fund and build facilities meeting what is a predictable enrollment demand.
  • A student-focused education system in Alberta will ensure functional facilities, manageable class sizes and suitable funding for the resources teachers need to be effective.

Thinking should go beyond the individual students and look toward integrating vitality by rethinking the functionality of school infrastructure.

B. Fiscal Responsibility: Taxes, a balanced budget and fighting for fair treatment of Alberta

Fiscal responsibility is a key Alberta Party principle. Albertans work hard for their money; governments must ensure that the collected and managed taxes will work equally as hard for Albertans.

We respect the hardworking taxpayers and will prudently manage all tax-based resources. Our spending will be strategic to ensure the effective and efficient use of public dollars through intentional and intelligent choices –both in expenditures and in savings.

Our goal will be to balance the books and to eventually set money aside for a rainy day; a feat that neither previous governments have been successful in doing.

The next party to form government can and must do better.

Like households throughout Alberta, lets apply common sense in our financial decision-making, be open and transparent and develop a no-nonsense long-term a plan to guide us in times of challenge and in opportunity.

C. Prosperity: Business growth, innovation, expanded markets, infrastructure, resource sector diversification and education

Albertans have had a rough ride; but it doesn’t have to continue. We can talk in generalities, but prosperity is personal. The Alberta Party knows that prosperity lies in the potential of people.

Private enterprise and entrepreneurship are vital to Alberta’s economic success. The government’s role is to provide the services, support and to ensure that people, businesses and industries thrive.

It is not about more of the same inefficiencies; It’s about creating new province-wide conditions that empower small and medium business, stimulate business development and attract economic investment.

Governments should help businesses grow, expand market access, reduce red tape and streamline regulatory controls to achieve the prosperity to which Albertans expect and deserve.

Let’s ensure all Albertans have access to the education, skills, research and creativity essential to innovation and competitiveness is vital.

D. Supporting Alberta Businesses:

NDP decisions, delays and inaction have discouraged and seized investment and put Alberta businesses at risk. Alberta is left burdened with expenses, lost jobs, inefficiently allocated tax dollars and personal and provincial debt.

The energy industry has been the economic driver of Alberta and remains the vital backbone for our province. It is a source of pride and innovation, and an asset we must nurture and support. At the same time, as the energy ecosystem matures, we must take steps to transition our economy for the future.

  1. Entrepreneurial spirit-built Alberta. That same spirit will build our future.
  2. About 166,000 small businesses (less than 100 employees) and 3,000 mid-sized businesses (100 to 500 employees) account for 90% of Alberta’s jobs.
  3. Prior to 2015 and for 27 years, our unemployment rate was the lowest in Canada.
  4. Since January 2016, our unemployment rate has exceeded the national average.
  5. Another sobering fact: from 2006 to 2014 Alberta’s capital investments had annual growth of 7%.
  6. Since 2015, investment has fallen at an annual rate of 11%.

Past governments have talked about diversification for years. Talking has done nothing – now we must act.

What ideas are we advancing to support diversification and innovation?

  1. A comprehensive diversification strategy will be developed and focused on sectors with market growth and export potential such as agri-food, knowledge-based industries, medical research, manufacturing and tourism.
  2. Domestic trade and international marketing will be expanded through strategy, partnership and collaboration.
  3. To promote international competitiveness, we’ll aggressively innovate services and strengthen business information to achieve enhanced productivity and economic advantage.
  4. Incubation services for emerging technology companies will be enhanced through strategic investments in artificial intelligence.
  5. Government procurement processes will be designed to support Alberta companies.


Alberta Party Policy

Our full platform is available on the Alberta Party web site and new policies are uploaded on a daily basis. You can see the policy at:

The Child First Plan

The Children First plan includes a major expansion of direct financial support to lower and middle-income families to cover the costs of licensed daycare and out-of-school care programs, a caregiver tax credit, and the creation of more affordable, high-quality child care spaces throughout the province.

Carbon Tax

an Alberta Party government would cancel the NDP carbon tax for families, small business, farms, non-profit organizations and municipal governments. Large industrial emitters would still be required to reduce their emissions annually under a properly structured carbon price.

Jobs First Plan

An Alberta Party government will enact the Jobs First plan to attract investment and create jobs for Alberta families. The plan is expected to expand the provincial economy by $16 billion and foster the creation of 65,000 jobs.

Refining & Petrochemical Development

An Alberta Party government will energize the development of refining and petrochemical processing, creating more value within the province and thousands of good jobs for Albertans.

Supporting Our Seniors

An Alberta Party government would take bold steps to help seniors age with respect and dignity, including the establishment of 3,500 long term care beds, and a new program to help seniors continue to live independently.

Alaska Rail Coord

An Alberta Party government would take bold steps to secure long-term coastal access for Alberta products, by bypassing BC coastlines, and securing the right-of-way and approvals for an Alberta-to-Alaska railway and pipeline corridor.

Refining & Petrochemical Development

An Alberta Party government will energize the development of refining and petrochemical processing, creating more value within the province and thousands of good jobs for Albertans.